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Candy the amazing experimental lure

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An amazing experimental lure

It was just an experimental lure to see how fish would react to color changes.

Originally, the Candy was an experimental lure designed to see if it could get the same response as conventional lures by using only the color change produced by the rotation of the body, without the realistic appearance, movement, sound, and light reflection that conventional lures have to attract fish.

However, the lure caught more fish than conventional lure in the experiment, so we decided to commercialize the experimental lure.

The reason for the overly simple appearance is for the same performance

The reason why the Candy looks so simple is because it was originally an experimental lure. Maybe it looks too simple. But we decided to commercialize as it is to keep its amazing performance.

The Candy has a strong power to attract fish

The Candy attracts fish much more strongly than conventional lures. And even in high pressure fields, there is a very high probability of getting some kinds of reaction if there are fish. Therefore, it is also useful as a search bait.

It is more effective when conventional products are not effective.

One thing that we realized while testing the Candy. This lure is more effective when conventional lures do not work. That's why you can expect good responses when the pressure is high.

Customers told us that fish that didn't respond to any other lure responded to it.

Usage is just to reel it

The Candy is easy to use. Just reel it. Just keep a dead slow retrieve and it will attract fish.

It flies more than expecting

Its weight is only 2 grams. However, when casting, its prop catches the wind and rotates, creating a straight line force, so it flies unexpectedly.

Amazing achievements

  • We caught 1 bass per 30 secs after other anglers have beaten the field for several hours, when any conventional lures didn't work.
  • Largemouth bass responded to the Candy aggressively like they saw a lure first time at the hopelessly high pressure field that almost no one catches bass.
  • We caught Largemouth bass in a row at famous very high pressure field, River Yodo.


  • Type : Slow sinking
  • Size : 7cm (including wire part)
  • Weight : 2g
  • Color variation : 3
  • Release date : September 2011
  • This product is made of synthetic resin. DO NOT store it in high temperature places like inside a car of the Summer, or leaving it with touching worm oils. It might melt or transform. 

How to use

Sink the Candy to the range that you want, and just keep a dead slow retrieve.