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Peggie : easy to use for catching bass

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Easy to use but it caught bass in a row everyday.

It works on wide ranges from the surface to the bottom

The Peggie is a new type of lure, a surface-jig. It floats up to the surface just by casting and reeling, and swims like a small fish.

It's a surface-jig but not only for surface. It floats up to the surface at medium speed or higher of reeling, and keeps the range at slow speed.

It's a new type of top water lure that works wide ranges from the surface to the bottom. 

Caught bass in a row everyday

In field tests, we caught bass in a row everyday at very high pressure fields. It's very effective as much as we can forget the fields are high pressure.

Ideal for beginners

In today's high pressure fields in Japan, even lures that have been touted as "easy to use" such as lipless crankbaits are not easy to catch. We need some techniques. And those techniques require fine adjustments depending on the activity level of bass. It's not easy for beginners.

However, with the Peggie, you can catch bass just by casting and reeling. The Peggie is ideal for beginners and kids.

Works on bass and even on dark chub

The Peggie was originally developed for dark chub. However, it was very effective for other fish. So, it's released as a lure for multi targets. 

So, it works on bass and dark chub and other targets.

Works on various fields

The Peggie is intended for using at stream. So, it works even on fields with fast current. It works on various fields.

Castability is enough

The Peggie is just 2.4cm long, but weight is 3g. So, it's totally castable with a light tackel. Easy and very effective lure for everyone.  


  • Type : Sinking
  • Size : 2.4 cm
  • Weight : 3g
  • Color variation : 5
  • Release date : October 6th 2016
  • This product is made of synthetic resin. DO NOT store it in high temperature places like inside a car of the Summer, or leaving it with touching worm oils. It might melt or transform. 

How to use

  • Basic method for use is just cast and reel.
  • Keep the speed that the Peggie floats and swims the surface if you want to search the surface.
  • You can keep the range if you reel slowly.

Color variation