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Rodeo Head the swimming head for softbaits

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A swimming that makes softbaits undulate is now powered up.

It makes softbaits undulate

The Rodeo Head is a swimming head which makes softbaits undulate horizontally just by reeling.

This Rodeo Head is much more powerful

The Rodeo Head makes any softbaits undulate. This time, new Rodeo Head makes any softbaits undulate more powerfully. It works just by reeling. 

Rigging is now more easier

Rigging of the Rodeo Head is now more easier. like a bullet sinker, you just need to thread a line through the hole of center, and tie on a hook that is with a softbait. 

It can be used for plugs

The Rodeo Head is especially for softbaits. But it also works on plugs. Using plugs with the Rodeo Head might be better even than softbaits...

Castable with spinning and baitcasting

The Rodeo Head weighs 4 grams. It's neither too light nor too heavy. So, it's castable with both spinning tackle and baitcasting tackle.

It can be used for various fishing

The Rodeo Head can be set with any softbaits. So, it's ideal for bass and Saltwater fishing. And It also can be used with live baits. Adding movement to live baits would make better results. 

Amazing movement

There are some similar products that have the ability to make softbaits vibrate or undulate. However, there is no other products that undulate softbaits widely and horizontally like the Rodeo Head does.

The Rodeo Head is the best swimming head to undulate softbaits.


  • Type : Sinking
  • Weight : 4g
  • Color variation : 1
  • Size : 2cm
  • Quantity : 2 
  • Release date : First model was released on September 2013. Newest model was Released on March 31th 2018.
  • This product is made of synthetic resin. DO NOT store it in high temperature places like inside a car of the Summer, or leaving it with touching worm oils. It might melt or transform. 

How to use

  • To use the Rodeo Head, set it as its flat side faces forward like a image above.
  • Basic method for using is reeling.
  • We recommend that thin body type of softbaits and the deep rib softbaits if you use the Rodeo Head with softbaits.

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