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1.Why are they so low-priced?

We want kids and people who can't pay a lot to be happy with fishing, not only rich people. So, We decided to cut the cost of packaging and advertising to make our products low-priced. That's why We can sell our products to you wih very low-price.

2.Why are colors so few?

lots of other companies sell low-performance colors for making money. But Selling Colors that can't catch fish well doesn't make sense for customers and us. So, we are selling only colors that proved good results

3.Why selling only unusual lures?

Our products are for the fields which we can't catch fish easily with conventional lures anymore, and the fish which have been known as non-target of lures. So, our products seem very different from others. But Acutually they are just rational products.

4.Almost all the products are hard baits. But why are their color looking like soft baits?

The colors of our products are based on scientific and rational theory. But the content is confidential and cannot be taught.

5.What is the material of product?

The material of our product is mainly EVA.

6.Tell me the best way to catch fish with Risenbite lures.

The most of our products are very new for the most of customer. So, it might takes time to master how to use them. But They are really useful for sure. So, we think the best way to use them is to trust and keep casting.

7.Which shops can I buy Risenbite lures?

You can buy our products only on this website.