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Awaji Stick the dart bait

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Dart-specialized plug made in pursuit of darting performance.

Our goal was to exceed jerkbaits

The Awaji Stick is a dart-specialized non-weight plug. Risenbite's lure designer, Kato loves jerkbaits, wanted a lure which can do a dart action  better than jerkbaits. So, he developed the Awaji stick to exceed jerkbaits.

Non-weight Design to specialize for darting

Elements that obstruct the performance of darting action. That is weights and buoyancy. The most of people don't mind that the power of sinking and the power of floating works as the power of stopping the movement of lures. 

To make the best dart-specialized plug, we made the Awaji Stick able to move without weights and air-chambers. 

Awaji Stick exceeding the performance of plugs

The darting performance of the Awaji Stick is exceeding the performance of plugs. Its dart action is quicker and tricky like no-sinker rigged softbaits. Its walking dog action is accurate like pencil baits. Usability is easy just like  jerkbaits. The Awaji stick has these all features.

Excellent results

If you love dart action lures or if you are looking for a lure having a excellent darting performance, then we recommend the Awaji Stick.It has the performance as much as  you'd think the Awaji Stick is the best dart action lure. Please try it.

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  • Type : Slow sinking
  • Size : 4.6cm
  • Wegiht : 4g
  • Color variation : 4
  • Release date : November 12th 2018
  • This product is made of synthetic resin. DO NOT store it in high temperature places like inside a car of Summer, or leaving it with touching worm oils. It might melt or transform. 

How to use

After casting, Sink the Awaji Stick to the range that you want. 

Basic method for using is high pitch twitching or jerking, with slow reeling.

Adjust your reeling speed by the activity level of your target.