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Bullmera, the lure for dark chub

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All features for catching dark chub are in one. So, you can catch dark chub overwhelmingly.

Optimized special specification for dark chub

a part of Japanese anglers loves dark chub. To catch them, we have been using spoon lures, spinners, or small jerkbaits.

However, dark chub are small fish, live at confined areas of the river. And they show aggressive response the most to the lure that swims with violent movement just below the surface. so we need these function to a lure which is for dark chub.

  • Tiny sized
  • Moving well even in the fast current
  • Violent action
  • Easy to keep just below the surface
  • Excellent appeal for confined areas

Actually there is no many lures which have these functions.

So, the Bullmera has been developed as a lure for dark chub, which have all these features in one.

Head-wobble appeals strongly to dark chub 

The most of river fish bite in pursuit from backward diagonally below. But the movement of the most of conventional lures for dark chub are horizontally actions. So, their actions are a bit weak to the sight of dark chub.

However, the Bullmera has a V-shaped body, and shakes its head vertically. So, the movement of the lure is now more clarified. It stimulates the sight of dark chub strongly. 

*A green line showing a horizontal movement such as conventional lures. A pink line showing the movement of the Bullmera.

Another benefit by V-shaped body

The benefit by V-shaped body is not only a clarifying of the movement of the lure. The Bullmera looks a bit big for Dark chub. But V-shaped body makes it look smaller from the sight of dark chub when they pursuit. because they see it from backward diagonally below.

Easy to keep just below the surface

Keeping the range of just below the surface with conventional lures is easy for experienced angler, but beginners. However, keeping the range is very important because results get much less if we don't keep the range.

We designed the Bullmera make it much easier. Everyone can keep the range of just below the surface.

Bites at the surface

Biting at the surface by dark chub was rare, because there was no specialized products. But not anymore. 

However, the Bullmera also made topwater fishing of dark chub possible. Now you can enjoy the exciting experience easily.

Possibility for trout fishing

Dark chub and trout has similar habits. So, the Bullmera has the possibility of making amazing results on trout fishing. You will see how effective it is.

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  • Type : Sinking
  • Size : 2.7cm
  • Weight : 3g
  • color variation : 4
  • Release date : December 1th 2019
  • This product is made of synthetic resin. DO NOT store it in high temperature places like inside a car of the Summer, or leaving it with touching worm oils. It might melt or transform. 

How to use

Cast the Bullmera wherever you want and reel it. Keep the speed that the Bullmera doesn't jump out from the water.

Color variation