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Intheair the original aerial-bait

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World's first lure that jump around the surface 

Original topwater lure which imitate a fish jumping around the surface

Topwater lures that jump around the surface are now being developed one after another by famous Japanese lure companies. We call it "Aerial-bait" and the Intheair is the original aerial-bait.

First model was released on 2006 from Evander Romanno, the predecessor company of Risenbite. About 10 years after its development, finally its usefulness has been recognized by famous companies.

Evolved version of the Intheair

The Intheair has been redesigned In the process of renewing its materials. And it has changed the Intheair a lot.

Its water-through channel shape works like the wing of an airplane, and creates straight-running stability. It makes the Intheair able to jump around the surface much easier than old versions of the Intheair.

It has a depression at the bottom front.
This water-through channel works like a wing.

Excellent move by easy control

Even for experienced anglers, conventional Intheair was a bit difficult to use. However, if it's wtith new Intheair, we can use it just by reeling and twitching. We can use it easily like jerkbaits. 

The Intheair can catch even "birds"

In field tests, birds have tried to catch the Intheair jumping around the surface. Birds are well-known as the animals which have excellent eyesights. It means actions of the Intheair are excellent as much as it can cheat the eyes of birds. 

Now you can choose its angle of jumping

Incredible evolution of the Intheair is not only simplification of its usability. Now you can choose its angle of jumping.

By twitching with standing your rod up, you can move the Intheair like a fish jumping vertically. And by twitching with lowering your rod down, your can move the Intheair like a fish escaping from predators.

It's only the Intheair that you can let it jump whenever you want

Aerial baits of other companies basically jump around the surface of the water only by high speed retrieve. so, we can't choose timings of jumping.

But our aerial bait, the Intheair jumps by twitching. so, you can let it jump whenever you want. This freely jumping action is only available with our Intheair.


  • Type : Sinking
  • Size : 7cm
  • Weight : 11g
  • Color variation
  • Release date : First model was released on August 2006. Newest model was released on October 2017.
  • This product is made of synthetic resin. DO NOT store it in high temperature places like inside a car of the Summer, or leaving it with touching worm oils. It might melt or transform. 

How to use

  • After casting the Intheair, start reeling and let it float up to the surface like buzzbaits. After floating up, twitch your rod, then you can let it jump.
  • The Intheair jumps vertically by twitching with standing your rod up.
  • The Intheair jumps horizontally by twitching with lowering your rod down.

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