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Limet P6 the fast current model of the Limet

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Using is easy as well, but now you can get tons of carp from the fast current rivers.

Optimized for fast current rivers

The falling rate of the Limet is very slow. So, using the Limet at the fast current rivers was difficult a bit. So, We developed the Limet P6.

About 1.6times faster than Limet's falling rate. it reproduces Limet's movement even in the fast current rivers. Now you can catch tons of carp even at the fast current rivers.

Increased castability

Increased of less than 1 gram than the Limet but castability has been increased a lot. Castable range is longer, now you can catch more carp.

Easy-to-use hasn't been changed

How to use the Limet P6 is the same way as the Limet. You don't need to move it. All you need to do is to sink it naturally in right front of carp's face. You can catch carp just by the easy technique.

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  • Type : Sinking
  • Size : 5cm (including its part of tail)
  • Weight : About 2g
  • Color : 2 colors
  • Release date : November 5th 2020
  • Do not grip and pull the body of the Limet P6 when you're landing carp. It might cause damage of it.
  • This product is a model only for the fast current rivers that the Limet can't handle. We don't recommend to use this at the places that the Limet can handle.
  • This product is made of synthetic resin. DO NOT store it in high temperature places like inside a car of the Summer, or leaving it with touching worm oils. It might melt or transform.

How to use

The same as the Limet. All you need to do is to sink Limet P6 naturally in right front of carp's face. It makes enough results.

Pause your Limet P6 after sinking if you aim carp of bottom. Sometime you need to cast it again because sometime carp don't notice the existence of lures.

This product is for the fast current rivers. It can handle the most of fast current rivers that carp can inhabit. But it might not handle if the flow is too fast.

Color variation