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Limet the lure for carp

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Using is very easy but you can catch tons of carp. 

a specifically designed lure for carp

The Limet is a specifically designed lure for carp, developed over 5 years. We studied carp from all perspectives, did various experiments, and Limet was born as an answer.

Everything is calculated as a lure for carp

The specifications of Limet are totally calculated as a lure for carp.

Its size, colors, falling rate, sound of landing, length and material of feather, position of hook, sinking posture, everything is calculated as a lure for catching carp.

You can catch carp just by sinking it in right front of carp.

There've been few conventinal lures which can catch carp, like rubber jigs. But we needed high techniques for using those lures , because carp are very cautious. 

But with the Limet, you don't need high techniques. All you need to do is just sink the Limet in right front of carp.

No needs to use any live baits.

In Japan, there was a product which can catch carp. It was almost like a lure, but we needed live baits to let carp bite it. So, it doesn't sound like a lure.

However, the Limet doesn't need any live baits. We can use it as single unit but it makes amazing results. The Limet is a lure for carp as a real meaning.

Better even than live baits and flies

By live bait fishing, we can catch only one carp for a day sometimes. But with the Limet, catching lots of carp for a day isn't rare at all.

Our customer says "the Limet is better even than live baits and flies."

You can catch various size of carp more than conventional lures

Catching carp by conventional lures was choosing size of carp. But Limet doesn't. From small one to big one, You can catch various size of carp much more than conventional lures. 

Range that you can aim is very wide

Conventional lures also had the weak points. they could catch carp of only specificized range. However, with the Limet, you can catch carp of any range.

Less impact from difference depending on region and individual

Carp are known as their characters and eating habits are very different depending on region and individual. That's why catching carp with lures couldn't be popular. Fishing results by conventional lures couldn't be stable by the reason.

But the Limet brings you much more stabe results. We proved that Impact from difference depending on region and individual are much less by countless tests. The Limet is the best lure for catching carp.

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  • Type : Slow sinking
  • Size : 5cm (including tail)
  • Weight : 1g
  • Color variation : 2 
  • Release date : First model was released on 12/14/2016, 2nd model was released on 06/08/2018, Newest model was released on 11/15/2018 
  • Do not grip and pull the body of the Limet when you're landing carp. It might cause damage of it.
  • This product is made of synthetic resin. DO NOT store it in high temperature places like inside a car of the Summer, or leaving it with touching worm oils. It might melt or transform. 

How to use

  • All you need to do is just to sink the Limet in right front of carp's face.
  • The Limet is not a lure which we move and use. The best way to use the Limet is to sink it naturally in right front of carp. 
  • The Limet is very light weighted and carp are very cautious for any human movements. so we strongly recommend the Bow and Arrow casting to cast the Limet.
  • Carp's reaction to lure is different depending on region and  individual. Don't give it up even if some carps didn't bite. It's important for catching carp by lures.

Color variation